[Recruitment information] EC site store manager candidate Full-time employee *Experience required

We mainly operate multiple EC sites operated by our company (including the head office site that uses Shopify, Rakuten Ichiba, Yahoo! Shopping, Amazon, etc. malls).
This position is responsible for managing online stores for multiple clients that handle foods, cosmetics, character goods, gadgets, etc.
What makes it unique is that it does not specialize in specific genres or EC sites. It is an environment where you can acquire various knowledge.
Since we are a small company (currently 15 people), you will have a wide range of views on sales strategy planning, sales analysis, and overall management. I would like you to supervise the operations as the store manager while organizing the staff of the management team.

Application Requirements

Recruitment point
  • The third domestic expert company of the world's No. 1 EC platform "Shopify"
  • Accompanying total support from consulting, site creation to operation, customer support, and logistics is possible, so you can acquire skills that can be used as an EC professional.
  • Easy commute from the station in 2 minutes on foot! Proactive introduction of remote work
  • An environment where you can grow with close communication because you are a small and talented organization
Business content
  • EC consulting
  • EC site management
  • EC site consignment
  • Cross-border EC site operation
  • Crowdfunding support
Monthly salary: 300,000 yen to 500,000 yen * Determined in consideration of experience and ability * 3 months trial period (treatment and salary will not change)
* Salary increases are based on evaluation interviews twice a year

<Model Annual Income>
EC store manager: 1st year (30s) annual income from 4.2 million yen
Once a year *Depending on company/department/individual performance *There are results of payment every year
Full payment of transportation expenses Employment insurance, health insurance, welfare pension insurance Paid vacation available (granted after 6 months of employment)
・Two days off per week (Saturday and Sunday)
・National holidays ・Summer holidays ・New Year holidays
・Paid leave *10 days in the first year, increasing depending on the year ・Congratulatory/condolence leave ・Maternity leave before and after childbirth
Working hours
9:30 - 18:30 (actual work: 8 hours / break: 1 hour)
*Working hours are negotiable *Overtime hours: Approximately 20 hours/month
2 minutes walk from JR Yamanote Line "Otsuka Station" 〒170-0005
3-44-11 Minami-Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Fusaka Building 6th floor *We are a company that promotes remote work. * Due to the emphasis on face-to-face communication, even if you work from home, you will basically be asked to come to the office once a month.

Desired personality/skills

Eligibility (essential requirements)
At least 1 year of practical experience in operating your own EC site, Rakuten Ichiba, Yahoo! Shopping, Amazon, etc.
Eligibility (welcome requirements)
  • Analysis of client's EC site, sales improvement design and proposal
  • Proposals to improve the profits of the client's EC business
  • Proposal of client's web sales promotion
  • Consulting to realize more efficient operation of EC site construction
  • Email and chat customer support experience
  • Experience in image processing using tools such as Photoshop
  • HTML knowledge (experienced website creator)
  • Deep knowledge of web and e-commerce
desired figure
  • Those who like EC. Those who take pride in their work related to EC
  • Those who want their work to be evaluated more
  • A person who thinks deeply and does not hesitate to make an effort to be understood by others
  • Those who can think and act on their own instead of waiting for instructions
  • Those who want to grow and have a strong desire to play an active role in the future EC business world
  • Those who are accustomed to text communication (so that they can proceed smoothly when working remotely)
Personality types of existing members (reference)
  • Results over lip service. have a strong sense of pride in their work
  • Willingness to think and effort to communicate
  • Have the tenacity to work hard
  • First of all, understand the manual correctly and execute it
  • Collaborative and cooperative (accepting differences and diversity)
  • Be prepared for new challenges
  • Pursuing “profit” as well as client sales








社会構造の変化により、ECが非常に重要な販売チャネルになっています。しかしまだできて20年ほどの産業なため企業にはEC人材が足りていない状態です。 その中で今日本では、大手モールや自社ECサイトといった複数の販売チャネルに対応する必要があり、教育も大変むずかしい時代になっております。 日々様々なクライアント様からご要望をいただくなかで、弊社ではプロフェッショナルとしてご支援をしていきたいという思いがあり、一緒に会社を支えていただける、文化に共感してくれる仲間を募集しております。


  • クライアント様の立場になって「真摯に考えぬく」ことを大切にする
  • 口先だけではない、現場の「リアル」を大切にする
  • 地味な仕事のように見えても、その「実態」を重要視する
  • わからないことをそのままにしない。質問をする方も、答える方もしっかりと向きあう
  • 自分の苦手な領域の認識している、その業務ができる他者をリスペクトできる (人のいい面悪い面をフラットに見る)
  • 手が空いているときは、仲間に声をかける
  • 派手じゃない、でも熱い思いがある
  • 仕組みを作り、自分たちやお客様が効率化されることが楽しい
  • 新しいことにチャレンジをするときはしっかり準備し、着実に
  • 一人よりはチームで仕事がしたい(でもプライベートは人それぞれ)


  • 当社はリモートワーク推進企業です
  • 在宅勤務はご経験・当社での勤務状況により相談の上で決定
  • 入社後1ヶ月は研修のため出社いただきます
  • 対面でのコミュニケーション重視のため、在宅勤務の場合も基本的に月1回は出社いただきます
  • 2021年1月現在/新型コロナウイルスの感染拡大状況によりオフィス出社は必要最小限とし、状況に応じて判断しています


ECを理解し、ECの担当者の苦労を理解したスペシャリストと共に、支え合いながら共にチームとして成長できる 世界シェアNo.1のECサイト制作プラットフォーム「Shopify」の国内3番目のエキスパート企業。ノウハウが多数あります。 成長著しいEC業界の最前線で、EC運営全般のノウハウを安定的に身につけることができます。



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